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Pouring Wine

Why this wine?

This is lengthy – my apologies. It IS an invitation – stick with me for a minute. Or skip to the RSVP here if you're in a rush. You probably know that about a year ago, I began a low carb, low sugar, whole food diet. My motivation was that I had gained unwanted weight, I lacked energy, and I just didn’t feel “good.” Since I started to eat differently, I’ve lost the unwanted weight, (47 lbs) gained energy and I feel better than I have in years. I now know that my body hates carbs and sugar. My sister says it best, regarding the effects of sugar, carbs and other seemingly benign ingredients and additives on us Diedrich girls: “Blech, poison!” Even so, changing the way I looked at food had some challenges. One challenge in particular has been finding cocktails that I can really savor and enjoy, that don’t also send my


body into a tailspin. I can only drink so many seltzers…  One day, to my absolute delight, some yumminess walked into my life (ok, it poured in…). Y’all... this wine is so good! And it’s not full of stuff that doesn’t belong - ZERO ADDED SUGAR and CHEMICALS. I can actually smell the difference between this Clean-Crafted™ wine and the mass produced wine I used to drink. I have even started drinking red wine again, after an 8-year hiatus (I was having bad reactions to the sulfites).


So that’s my why.


I want to invite you to an intimate (i.e., small) wine tasting so that I can share my enthusiasm for this company – it has been a game changer for me, and it might be for you, too. And, that man-child of mine will not stop

growing, no matter how hard I fight it. So I better have a fallback when I can no longer pilot this helicopter. Admittedly, peddling my wares feels super foreign and weird to me. But I’m stepping out of my comfort zone (it feels WAY out). I really do believe in this company, so here I am. Also, you probably know that exercise and I have an understanding – we remain at a respectable distance from one another. I try to make up for some of that distance with a million other little things while still having some fun. This wine is one of those things. I hope you can join me and discover the goodness for yourself.


I am a wine consultant and there will be wine for purchase available, but purchase is NOT REQUIRED.

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